EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Had Her Baby . . . Her Name Is Kulture Cephus!! (Details)

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MTO News learned that Cardi B gave birth to her daughter in an Atlanta Hospital. We're told that everyone is FINE - and that Offset WAS there for the birth.

Cardi B checked into an exclusive "birthing suite" sreserved for the rich and famous last Friday, preparing for the big day. But she nearly REVEALED her location to her millions of fans. According to TheBlast.com, Cardi posted a short video clip online from what appeared to be her birthing suite, where eagle-eyed fans noticed the wallpaper was identical to that used in patient rooms at a popular medical centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Everyone been hitting me up on my DM (direct messages on social media) ...," the mother-to-be said in the post as she addressed the claims. "I wish I gave birth!"

Soon after sharing the footage online, Cardi seemingly realized she had inadvertently let slip the labor news and possible hospital location, and promptly deleted the video, in which she had appeared dressed down.

Cardi's location was confirmed by a fan:


MTO News learned that Cardi went into labor on Monday morning, and gave brith some time on Monday night.

Cardi and the baby girl - whose yet to be named - are both doing fine. And she and Offset are spending some quality alone time with their daughter.

We're told that Cardi is expected to make the announcement either today or tomorrow.