EXCLUSIVE: Beautiful Instagram Model Caught On Livestream . . . 'ABUSING' Son!!

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MTO News obtained some DISTURBING footage, which shows a popular Instagram model - appearing to "verbally" abuse her 6 year old son. And she did it on Livestream.

It all started when the mom   - a lovely model named Coya - was posting a selfie video in her home late Wednesday night. During the filming, her son comes down from his bedroom, where he was supposed to be sleeping.

The seven year old boy groggily asked his mother for a drink of juice, and Coya snapped on the boy. The below video shows exactly what she said to the child.


Coya uses curse words, like calls the boy a "b*tch," almost a dozen times in less than a minute. Coya can be heard saying, "Don't play with me b*tch." and "Go upstairs, I said no b*tch."

The model then forced her THIRSTY SON to go upstairs and go to sleep - without any liquids.

The video is currently trending virally on social media.

And here are some pics of Coya: