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EXCLUSIVE: Amber Rose Dating NBA Star Kyrie Irving!! (PICS)


Yesterday Amber Rose was spotted picking up a mystery man who was trying to be incognito. Amber is seen yelling at paparazzi behind her car as she doesn't want it to be known who she is picking up.

The man she picked up also did not want to be seen as he pulls his hoodie tightly over his face to hide his features.


But MTO News learned that Amber's new man - is none other than Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving. Kyrie is in Los Angeles doing press for his upcoming movie Uncle Drew.

According to MTO News' sources - he and Amber are "casually" dating.


Earlier this week, before the SECRET MAN DRAMA, it was announced that Amber is gearing up to launch a plus-sized fashion collection in association with British fashion retailer called Simply Be.

The Source reported that:

This joint venture is a result of Muva Rosebud wanting to create essential pieces for women of all shapes and sizes. In a statement to Essence, she expressed the following: “I love the fact that Simply Be doesn’t leave anyone out. All women should have access to clothes that make them feel sexy, stylish and confident and working with Simply Be allowed me to bring fearless fashion to women from sizes 6 to 32.” 

She also expressed how she struggled with finding clothing she felt comfortable in after giving birth and getting used to her new plus-size body. She wanted to create something that had more than just one side of the sizing spectrum in mind, as she admired how Simply Be was a brand that was focused on sizing and clothing for everyday women.