EXCLUSIVE: Adults Make 3 Year Old Girl Twerk At Birthday Party . . . Throw Money At Her!!

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A disturbing video has gone viral - and angry parents around the country are demanding answers.

A 3 year old girl is made to "twerk" at a children's birthday party. And the adults in attendance were encouraging the baby to dance inappropriately.

As you can see in the video, the adults THREW dollar bills at the girl - and made her twerk, while balancing herself on a chair.

And while the child was doing inappropriate dancing - the adults played "booty" music. You can hear Sir Mix A Lot's "I like Big Butts" and Blac Youngsta's new hit single "Booty."

The origin of the video is not yet known, but social media sleuths believe that it is from Jacksonville Florida. MTO News contacted the local authorities in Jacksonville and asked for comment.

So far, we have not received any comment. Developing . . .