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22 year old R&B singer H.E.R. is pregnant, MTO News has confirmed. The R & B songstress is not publicly dating anyone, so it's unknown who the father is at this time.

Rumors began swirl that H.E.R. was pregnant when she wore baggy clothes to a concert in New Orleans and appeared to have a noticeably bigger tummy. 

Here's a video from the concert:

And there's a photo (link below) showing her belly even more clearly:

Here is the pic that first got people talking

After the concert, two people that worked there reached out to MTO News - speculating that H.E.R. was carrying her first child.

But last night, H.E.R. accidentally spilled the tea on herself. She posted a pic of herself dancing, and you can clearly see a small baby bump.

H.E.R., real name Gabriella Wilson, is a Grammy Award winning American singer and songwriter. Before gaining notoriety as H.E.R., Wilson rose to fame by participating in Radio Disney's Next Big Thing in 2009. She later signed to RCA Records at the age of 14 and released the single "Something to Prove" under her real name in 2014.