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Nicki Minaj's new boyfriend Kenneth Petty is being accused of "slapping" Nicki Minaj, by his baby's mother. The explosive new allegation was lodged against Nicki Minaj's new boyfriend yesterday, by an NYC bottle girl named Noelle.

Noelle is Kenneth's baby's mother, and she was recently in the news after claiming that Kenneth dumped her for Nicki. Well, yesterday she gave an interview to a Youtube blog, and in it she alleges that Kenneth put hands on Nicki Minaj.

Noelle allegedly told the interviewer that Kenneth "slapped Nicki." 

The accusations are disturbing - but Noelle offered no independent PROOF that she's telling the truth. Actually, because Noelle is upset that Kenneth dumped her for Nicki, she has every reason to lie to try and destroy Kenneth and Nicki's relationship.

But whether true or not - the accusations that Noelle made against Kenneth are reverberating around the Internet. The YouTube interview where the allegations were made is trending on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. The video has been seen now close to 50,000 times in just a few hours.

Here is the full video, where the blogger makes the disturbing allegations.

Kenneth Petty has a long criminal history, which includes multiple prison stays. But since being released from prison, he turned his life around and became a successful entertainment industry executive. MTO News confirmed that Kenneth has NOT been engaged in criminal activity for years.