Ex-Fugees member Pras Michel has lost his child support case, in which he asked his monthly payments to be lowered after he failed to show up to court.

Pras filed the claim against his baby mama, Angela Severiano, asking a court to lower his $4,800 monthly payments for their son Landon. According to Pras, the feds took all of his money, leaving him broke.

Page Six is reporting that Family Court Support Magistrate Amanda Norejko denied his request for lower child support payments because not only did he fail to show for the most recent hearing, he also skipped out on the prior hearing on Nov. 19 because he had a death in the family.

“There has been no request for adjournment,” Norejko. “I’m going to find that he [Michel] is in default, and I’m going to dismiss his petition…for the failure to appear.”

Pras was also ordered by a judge to pay nearly $60,000 for Severiano’s legal fees. She does not believe the star is broke.

“Pras jerked us around for almost a year with this bogus and baseless downward modification petition,” said Severiano’s lawyer, Robert Wallack said per the publication. “We’re pleased with the Court’s counsel fee award.”