Jemele Hill, formerly of ESPN has a boyfriend, and the pair make a very cute couple.

Jemele brought her man to last night's Deontay Wilder fight. Her boyfriend is a handsome man named Ian Wallace. Here are pics of the cute couple together.


Here's another pic of Jemele and Ian - at the White House together. This proves that Jemele and Ian's relationship isn't new.


Jemele was fired out of ESPN, after the Disney company was uncomfortable with Jemele calling out White supremacists on Twitter.

Last September she tweeted that President Donald Trump was a "white supremacist" leading to the White House to call for her firing during a press briefing. 

Last October she was suspended after criticizing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and pointing out what would be an effective way to hurt his pocketbook.

According to The Root:

For years, whenever complaints about ESPN being “too political” came up, anchors Jemele Hill and Michael Smith were pointed to as the primary culprits. Their race was always the subtext, though no one—least of all ESPN—seemed to want to call attention to it.

But now that Hill has taken her talents to the Atlantic, where she will be writing for the magazine as well as for, she can finally say outright what we all knew to be true.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter—her first since parting ways with ESPN on Sept. 14—Hill noted that “Mike (Smith) and I specifically were called political, way before any of the Trump stuff ever happened.”

The “Trump stuff,” of course, refers to Trump’s targeting of Hill after she tweeted that the president was a white supremacist. ESPN suspended Hill for the post, while The White House itself suggested Hill should be fired.