EX BF: Basketball Wives' Jennifer Tried To Leak Nude Pics Of Evelyn's Daughter

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Last week, Jennifer Williams claims that her ex-boyfriend "scammed" her, and stole her Range Rover - MTO News reported. Jennifer, who lives in Atlanta, told fans “I’m asking for some help finding my Range Rover that this man, Aaron Nichols, stole from me.” Jennifer wrote, “He has conned many women and men too out of vehicles and large amounts of cash.”


But yesterday Aaron fired back at Jennifer - and he had receipts.

Aaron took to Instagram to defend himself, and to share his side of the story.

“A big reason why I wanted to end things with Jennifer Williams is that she was such an ugly person on the inside, and she was engulfed with fame and notoriety. She asked me to be a love interest on her TV show; I declined over and over,” Aaron wrote. And Jennifer's ex posted several text messages conversations between himself and Jennifer.

“I hate these messy bitches,” Jennifer allegedly wrote in the text messages. “Evelyn made me want to slap the shit out of her. I should have leaked her daughter’s nudes. I could have exposed her ass.”

“Especially Shaunie,” Jennifer continued. “She was talking shit about me saying Shaq cheated on her like it was a lie. Everyone knows he had kids behind her back. And Malaysia, or should I say ghetto ass LaQuisha, doesn’t even have a mind of her own. Whatever Evelyn and Shaunie says, Malaysia hops on board.”

Aaron spilled more tea, writing, “Jennifer moved to Georgia to be with me. I told her not to, but she did it anyway. When I first met her, I told her I was not interested in being serious because I had just ended a relationship with my child’s mother and wasn’t ready. But she continued to call and text me. It got to the point that I had to block her on social media.”

“She begged me to follow her back. In the past, I admit that I have just ghosted women without explanations and that’s left them very angry with me and wanting vengeance, but recently, since I’ve been seeing a counselor, I have tried to be better in how I end relationships with people,” he added, sharing corresponding text messages.

Aaron then addressed the missing Range Rover, “Jennifer Williams gave me this truck in November 2019. I got a call from the police department in March 2020, and now I’m April, 5 months later, she’s telling the world it’s stolen.”

“Who waits 5 months to report their car stolen??” He added. “The police have NOT pressed charges because I didn’t steal anything from her. As people in the comments have already said, you can easily track a Range Rover.”

He even said he paid off the Range Rover, adding that, “I’ve never stolen a car, washed a title, or retagged any vehicle. I don’t even know how to do that. I’ve worked as a consultant/middleman in numerous deals. Most were successful, and some fell through, but I’ve never scammed anyone. These accusations are lies.”