Maleah Davis, a 4 year old Houston girl, has been missing for over two weeks. Police are looking for her, and suspect that her mother's boyfriend may be responsible for her.

Here are the latest developments.

Last Sunday - which was Mother's Day - the search for Maleah continued and a vigil was hosted by the group Parents Against Predators. The vigil was attended by many family and friends who were demanding justice for Maleah. 

More than a hundred people united in solidarity at the parking lot across from Maleah’s home to preach their sympathy and the pain they feel as mothers.

Police decided to step things up. More trained dogs were bought in - and according to a report, they detected the scent of human decomposition in her mother's ex-fiance, Darion Vence's car, according to a prosecutor. 

Dogs trained to find cadavers reacted to the trunk of the car, Pat Stayton, a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney's Office, said at Vence's probable cause court hearing Saturday night.


Darian Vence, who has been charged with tampering with a human corpse, got his bond lowered from a staggering $1,000,000 to $45,000. He also did not make his court appearance on Monday. 


Volunteer searches led by John Marsden continued on Tuesday, and expanded into a dense wooded area at Cullinan Park off Highway 6 in Sugar Land, with no success. 

Meanwhile, Maleah's biological father, Craig Davis, posted multiple family photos with his daughter on Instagram.


Texas EquuSearch searched the woods along the mail route that Derion Vence once drove in Rosharon for any clues into Maleah's whereabouts. They also explored a local haunted house. Founder Tim Miller said he confirmed with Maleah’s mother that Vence did at one time say that if he were ever to hide a body, he would hide it in Rosharon. 

On Wednesday night, Texas EquuSearch suspended the search for Maleah. The organization says the suspension is temporary until they obtain more information.

"We have followed up on dozens and dozens of tips and leads, but none have been found to be helpful in leading us in the right area to find Maleah," the statement said.

A vigil was held at sunset in Oyster Creek park, coordinated by local mothers, where those in attendance released balloons in honor of Maleah. 


Brittany Bowens broke her silence and told her side of the story in an interview with FOX 26 News reporter Damali Keith.

A reward of up to $5,000 was offered for information leading to an arrest in Maleah's disappearance, according to Crime Stoppers.


No new case developments. Quanell X and Brittany Bowens continue to take her story to the media.


Volunteer searches continue to look for signs and clues to lead to Maleah's location.