Major League Baseball star, music mogul and ex-fiancé of Evelyn Lozada Carl Crawford welcomed a daughter back in November with a woman named Gabby.

And now Carl’s a father again - this time of a baby boy by a woman named Megan.

His adorable new son is named Carson, and his mom posted pics of the lil cutie on Instagram:

Here are pics of Gabby, who gave birth to Carl's daughter in November.

Basketball Wives stars Evelyn - who has a son by Carl - split with the baseball player two years ago. Evelyn's fans were hoping that the two might get back together.

The duo got engaged in December 2013 after Crawford proposed to Lozada on Christmas Eve with a $1.5 million ring. The couple welcomed their first child together, Leo, in March the following year.

For as long as the public has known Evelyn Lozada, she has kept an athlete on her arm: Antoine Walker, Chad Johnson and Carl Crawford (and there was one rapper in French Montana back in 2017). It’s something that she has been somewhat criticized for, but the 43-year-old Basketball Wives star says she isn’t “embarrassed” about her dating history.

In a new clip from VH1’s “Fandemonium” videos, Evelyn responded to less than pleasant comments from Basketball Wives viewers. One comment came from a woman who claimed that the mom of two is just “a ball wife” who will “run to any man with a ball.” Running down the list, that included football, baseball, basketball players, and comically, “sweaty balls, cheating balls.” The commenter said Ev doesn’t discriminate, and interesting enough, she agreed — at least about that.

“She’s right, I really, I’ll run to any ball. I don’t care what ball you have. It’s just how my life has worked out for me,” she said. “I would never have predicted it, but it is what it is. I’m not embarrassed about three associations. Yeah, I’m fine with it.”

She did disagree though about the specific types of “balls” she handles.

“Sweaty balls? No, I like clean balls,” she said. “Cheating balls? No, if I liked cheating balls I would still be in a relationship right now. But as far as the other part of the Tweet, I’m okay with. Geesh, you guys are harsh.”