Evelyn Lozada's EX Carl Crawford . . . Allegedly Got ANOTHER Woman PREGNANT!! (PICS)

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“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada called off her engagement to MLB baseball player Carl Crawford last year. Since then, Carl has started dating, and has now impregnated a new girl. 

“Reportedly, Carl got cold feet when he realized “forever” with Evelyn meant half his money if marriage didn’t work out. The couple got engaged back in December of 2013. Reports circulated two years ago saying Carl’s teammates’ wives called Evelyn out as a “gold digger”. 

"Subsequently, Carl refused to sign prenup papers. In June 2016, Carl was cut from his job with the Los Angeles Dodgers. A BOSSIP source at the time said Carl spiraled into play boy mode after the cut. They tell us, Crawford openly went out on dates and flew other women into his home."

According to the website TheyYBF, Carl got a very beautiful woman named Gabby pregnant. Here's what they are reporting:

We were told weeks ago that a woman named Gabby has also been dating Carl, and there may be some beef between her and Megan because of it. We were told then that Gabby is allegedly carrying Carl's child, and today, we received her first baby bump pics.

The website also provided a picture of Gabby, and she's definitely very pregnant:


And they have more "evidence". According to the website, Carl's first cousin posted about a "baby" soon to be born into their family. Here's the message:

IMG_3668 2_zps6q3mpjcq

In all Evelyn can't be happy about all this. Remember how long it took for her to get pregnant . . .