During a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada denied rumors that she is dating or has ever dated Robert Kardashian.

Evelyn set tongues wagging after she tweeted that Rob "has a big sausage," but according to her, it was all in fun.

"I knew that was gonna come up today," she said.

"I have never seen his sausage," Evelyn said. "It just really started off as a bet. Like, I was dared, and I take dares seriously. I'm like, 'Don't dare me 'cause I'll tweet something crazy.'" 

She continued:

"I sent him a Father's Day text message, and we're not filtered. Him neither," she said. "So I said 'Happy Father's Day Big D*ck Rob,' is what I said and he laughed, and he was like 'I bet you won't say that to the world,' and I said 'don't test me because I will.' So it started out as a dare, and then he said what he said, and that was it, but I keep saying I've never seen his sausage, I have no idea what his sausage looks like."