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The new season of Basketball Wives is all set - and two of your favorite ladies Evelyn Lozada and Ogom "OG" Chijindu will both be returning, MTO News has learned.

And you can expect fireworks between the two beauties.

Currently, Evelyn and OG are locked in a very bitter lawsuit. Evelyn sued OG for defamation, claiming that her former co-star defamed her, by saying that Evelyn practices "colorism".

OG countersued Evelyn, calling her lawsuit "frivolous."

But it's not just the lawsuit - there is really beef between the two ladies. On the last season of Basketball Wives, OG - a former football player - threatened to beat up Evelyn.

And the tensions were so high, that producers refused to film the Basketball Wives Reunion with Evelyn and OG in the same room.

Now imagine the fireworks - when the two are together for a whole season.

According to a member of production, filming for the new season of Basketball Wives started already, and both will be cast members next season. But it has been postponed because of the spread of the coronavirus.