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Eve is walking back on her comments she recently made about Chris Brown during an episode of 'The Talk.'

Speaking to her co-hosts, she said:

“This is such a shame. It’s really a shame. Obviously, we know he’s had troubles in the past. It’s like, when are you gonna stop and grow up and allow the talent to shine through and fix your brain? This is ridiculous!”

She did not stop there.

“If you guys don’t know that yet — whether in America or overseas — get your act together. You can’t be treating women how you want to treat them in any kind of way just because you think you’re a superstar. It’s just not the way to be.”

Viewers did not take kindly to Eve's perceived harsh judgment and issued an apology to those offended.

“At first I didn’t think what I said was harsh, but then I looked back it, and I realized it was kind of harsh,” she began. “I’m passionate about the climate that we are in … with women and all these allegations coming out. My passion wasn’t geared towards Chris Brown and these specific allegations. Like I said before I didn’t know if those allegations were true or false and they are not true and he has been released and in that way, I am rooting for him. I have to have an opinion, I am a woman, I’ve been through some things, and we have to keep the conversation going, so whoever was offended I apologize.”

Was she right to apologize?