Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper turns 40 years old in a new days - and she's got a present from God - a new baby,

MTO News has confirmed that Eve is pregnant. It's the first child for her and husband, Gumball 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper.

According to a stylist who recently worked with Eve, the talk rapper turned talk show host is 3 months pregnant - and she seems "very happy." The stylist told MTO News, 'I've never seen her happier. Congratulations to Eve."

And we have a pic - showing that Eve clearly has a baby bump:


Eve had a long history in entertainment- first as a rapper, then as an entrepreneur, as an actor, and now as a talk show host.

As an actress, Eve is known for her roles in the Barbershop Films, and on the UPN sitcom Eve. She has also achieved success in fashion, with her clothing line, Fetish.

And in November 2017, she got into the world of talk shows, as she was hired as a permanent co-host on The Talk.

Eve's husband, Maximillion Cooper, is a British entrepreneur who is worth $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He and Eve married back in 2014 after four years of dating.

Eve and Max met at a Gumball 300 rally in 2010 and the Philadelphia born rapper would be the first to admit that their relationship has changed her for the better.

“Being married has changed me in a lot of different ways. It’s funny because I’m a really fiercely independent person and I always have been. Being married, you have to relinquish some of that,” she once told Cocoa Fab. “Not in a bad way but in the way that you need to sit back and trust your partner to be able [to] help you with things. Sometimes my husband has to say to me, ‘Chill. You’re my wife now. I can take the ball from here. Don’t even stress.'”

Congratulations to the happy couple.