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Eva Marcille spent her entire 2018-19 Bravo salary on her wedding, MTO News has learned.

Eva and her fiancé (now husband) Michael Sterling got married last October in a spectacularly opulent wedding at Atlanta's Southern Exchange Ballrooms

Michael is not a rich man, he's a career government worker who works as a federal prosecutor. And Eva, well, she hasn't had a well paid gig since her days on America's Next Top Model.

So where did they get money for the wedding?

According to a person close to one of the Atlanta Housewives, Eva spent up her entire Bravo paycheck on that wedding.

The insider told MTO News, "They're saying that the wedding cost $500,000. It really cost more like half of that, because people gave her free stuff for TV exposure. But Eva didn't have $250,000."

The tipster continued, "She spent up her entire Bravo check on her wedding. [Eva] didn't even get a wedding special [from Bravo] out of her wedding. She's hustling backwards." 

There's more. She added, "The b*tch should have got a check out of her wedding, not gave up her check for it."

To make matters worse, Eva explained, “s— hit the fan” when she got a call from her dress designer explaining that the fabric she had planned for her reception dress “no longer exists.”

“I have officially decided to wear three dresses — I have a ceremony dress and I have a farewell dress. That’s squared away. But now, I’m missing a whole dress,” Marcille explained.

It didn’t take long for the tears to come. Frustrated with her options, Marcille collapsed, sobbing to her friend.

She then revealed that she was far over budget on her wedding as it was, and still hadn’t found a dress for Marley Rae, her 4-year-old daughter.

Eva's dire financial situation will become a theme in upcoming episodes of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, which airs tonight at 8 PM.