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Eva Marcille from The Atlanta Housewives is finally buying a new home - after she's been renting in Atlanta for the past two years.

But according to our insider, Eva's home is in a part of the city, that many are calling, "the hood."

Eva is moving to a neighborhood called Adamsville, which has low price houses . . . but they come at a cost. You see, the unemployment rate in Adamsville is 15.3% and the crime rate in the town is 10 times the state average.

An insider at the show explained, "Eva is trying to get a large house that will appreciate in value. And she's not looking to spend too much."

It sounds like a nice investment opportunity for Eva. But we're not too sure about moving the whole family there.

Here's Eva talking about how she will now have to send her kids to private school, because the local schools won't work for her:

Adamsville is a predominantly African-American neighborhood on the west side of Atlanta, Georgia. It is located where Interstate 20 and Interstate 285 meet on the west side.

The entertainers Killer Mike, Bone Crusher, and Stevie-the-Steve-Man Corby came from Adamsville.

In other news, it looks like the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta and Kenya Moore‘s return is going to be intense! The 48-year-old controversial star got into a fight with Eva Marcille, 34, while the cameras were rolling, according to a source at RadarOnline, and it proved that not everyone is happy about her return to the Bravo show. “Eva and Kenya went at it during filming,” the source explained. “Eva told Kenya she was a compulsive liar. Eva also called Kenya a manipulator. Now Kenya has it out for Eva.”