ESPNs Maria Taylor: Drew Brees Apology NOT Accepted - Has 'Racism' In Heart


ESPN Analyst Maria Drew is going viral this morning - after she REFUSED to accept disgraced NFL star Drew Brees' apology.


Drew Brees - who has made racially insensitive comments before and is a personal friend to Donald Trump - is currently under fire for ignoring the death of George Floyd. The New Orleans Saints quarterback was caught using a "racist dog whistle" to distract people from the Black Lives Matter protests.

When asked about how he felt about the Black Live Matter protests or the death of George Floyd, Drew brought up how disrespectful Black players were to the American Flag - by peacefully kneeling during the national anthem.

Almost immediately, he offered an apology for his comments. But Maria Taylor, the beautiful and talented lead sports reporter for ESPN is continuing to BLASTING him. She and many other prominent Black people across sports are NOT accepting his apology.