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SHOCK VIDEO: Horrible Escalator Accident . . . Man Was 'CHEWED UP' . . . In Freak Escalator Malfunction!! (Be CAREFUL People)


A disturbing video is going viral out of Istanbul, Turkey. The video shows the DANGERS surrounding an escalator.

In the video, a faulty escalator opened up under a man, who tried his best to avoid falling in by holding onto the rail. Unfortunately for the man, it didn't work.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the busy escalator being used by many people and appears to collapse under the feet of the large group as well.

Just one unlucky man was swallowed up by the escalator. He was trapped in the hole under the escalator for an hour before he was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality had reportedly put up a warning sign near the broken escalator, but it failed to stop people using it.

In Ningbo, China back in 2016, another escalator accident went viral after the escalator suddenly changed direction during rush hours, causing the people on the escalator to pile on top of each other after falling like dominoes. 10 people were taken to the hospital, but only five were treated for minor injuries.

There are many people who are terrified of escalators for exactly this reason. Take a look at the video below.

Here is the link to the video