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Erykah Badu has come forward to deny claims that she is now pregnant.

A video was posted to her Instagram on Tuesday where Badu can be seen rocking an oversized outfit, lifting her shirt and rubbing her belly twice. 

"a walking sperm collector.... she's disgracefull" one follower commented on the video.

"I see ya fat belly bella!!!! Congratulations!!!" another wrote

Badu updated the video with the following caption:

"Ishhues wit trust. : update : sweet of u guys to congratulate me 💗but I’m not pregnant... just fluffy. 💗"

So Badu is apparently not up the duff, just a lil' thick.

She also tweeted:

"Fam, chill. Ain’t nobody shoot up the club, ok? Why I got to be pregnant every holiday season? 🤣just. Stop. Y’all trying to say I’m fat ? Y’all say this shit every fall. I just be a little hungrier than usual come late October...Now y’all got us in here arguing over baby names."

One fan wrote:

"Haha they just reported you pregnant on Trinidad radio yesterday morning.... @ojoradio got it wrong!!! And a whole discussion about it too.. thanks for the update"

Badu will be attending the Soul Train Awards, where she will receive the 2018 Legend Award.