Love & Hip Hop stars Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are refusing to vaccinate their child. The married couple is expecting their first child together in a few months, and the baby will NOT be getting his/her vaccinations.

Erica posted about their decision on Instagram yesterday:


While some of the Love & Hip Hop couple's fans agreed with their decision - most did not. Here's a sample of some of the angry responses they got from fans:

 “Just pray the kid doesn't get measles encephalitis, or god-forbid, Tetanus.”

“I vaccinate my child? Why? Because I don't want my kid to die, or contract mumps and never have the option of having children of his own. Vaccines are not the cause of autism. That myth was debunked years ago, but people trying to find reasons to not vaccinate their kids have brought it back like there's truth to it. But whatever you believe, I think the question should be this? Would I rather have a child who's alive, and who might have autism, or would I rather be the parent to a child who died from an infection disease that could've been prevented?”

“PW I hear it is the whooping cough that has made an astounding comeback along with the measles because of the anti-vaccine crowd”

 “question is did she vaccinate her son... if he is vaccinated then she should vaccinate the baby. if you are against something then you are realyl against it but dont go swicthing gears out of the blue. this is a clever 11 year old little boy.”

”It’s 2019 and we have people openly choosing to deny their children one of the greatest achievements in mankind. Smh. So many words come to mind: sad, pathetic, and scary.”