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Love & Hip Hop star Erica Dixon is making some startling allegations against her baby's father Scrappy's new wife - and her family.

The former couple who share 14-year-old daughter Emani Richardson together, have been at each other’s necks for the entire season 9 and can’t seem to settle on their differences. Dixon said her and Scrappy currently have no form of communication with each other when it comes to their daughter and she’s requested to do so.

Scrappy and his wife Bambi on the other hand said it’s best they refrain from speaking with Dixon to apparently cut out the supposed drama in their lives.

Erica is claiming that Bambi's mother "abused" her 14 year old daughter Emani. She made the explosive allegations yesterday on live.

Erica explained, "Bambi's mom insulted [14 year old] Emani. This grown a** bad body built a** woman tried to fight my 14 year old daughter."

Erica claims that Bambi's mother also called the 14 year old girl a "whore."

Here's the video:

Emani, Erica, Scrappy, and Bambi have all been featured cast members of Love & Hip Hop for years. On the outside, it appeared that they were all part of a healthy blended family.

But on the latest Love & Hip Hop reunion show, Bambi blasted Scrappy for non-payment of child support.

When their apparent co-parenting drama was brought up during Monday night’s “LHHATL” reunion, Dixon explained she was trying to have a form of communication with Scrappy on behalf of their daughter who apparently wants them all to get along.

The conversation, however, quickly became heated when Dixon and Scrappy clashed over child support. The “Crime Mob” rapper claimed Dixon was trying to destroy his character by saying he was behind on his child support payments. Dixon however handed her phone to host Nina Parker who supposedly read emails from DCFS dating back to June 12, 2019, that stated Scrappy was three months behind on payments.