Eniko Hart, Kevin Hart's wife, is reportedly "not tripping" after the woman who starred in her husband's viral sex tape, just filed a lawsuit against him.

"Eniko and Kevin already worked through their issues over his indiscretion; they've gotten past it and are on the other side. It's a non-issue, especially with what just happened. He came so close to losing his life, Eniko is so grateful that he is alive and, well, she is not wasting her time tripping over the past," a source close to Eniko told HollywoodLife.com.

Kevin is also still in recovery after he was involved in a serious car crash near his home in Calabasas. He suffered "major" back injuries and was forced to undergo surgery.

His accuser, Montia Sabbag, is suing the comedian $60 million, claiming that Kevin set the cameras up with his friend to help boost publicity around his projects. She says she was not involved and says that star has tarnished her name.

Kevin alleged that Montia tried to extort him from money for the extra-marital affair, but he came clean to his wife and to the world because he was unwilling to pay.