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Employees Of Beyonce Are GOING OFF ON SOCIAL MEDIA . . . They Say She's MEAN TO STAFF . . . And Wish DEATH ON BEY!! (Bey Better WATCH HER BACK)

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There are at least TWO Beyonce employees, who absolutely HATE HER - and if we were Bey, we'd have them fired immediately.

Yesterday, two separate Beyonce employees were caught on social media, saying less than flattering things about The Queen. One of which was on Reddit. The Beyonce employee posted THIS:

I have worked a few of her recent concerts and have seen her act terrible to her backup dancers during practice and sound check. While only stadium employees present in a 90k person stadium, she was yelling profanities while on a live mic at her back up dancers and then stormed off the stage like a child.

She was well aware her mic was live because she kept berated the dancers on mic off stage.

And if you think THAT sounds bad - it's NOTHING. Look at what this Bey worker said. And this guy is supposedly in charge with Building equipment where Beyonce will be standing:

Dang, dude just wished DEATH on Beyonce . . . that's very HARSH ain't it.

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