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Empire star Serayah McNeill has echoed Boosie Badazz's viral rant about Dwyane Wade's transgender daughter, Zaya Wade, and posted a video urging the NBA star not to make any "life-changing decisions" surrounding Zaya's gender.

"I think everything is a little bit too much premature. I don't care if you're boy or a girl. For me, there's things we need to be worried about at this time. What do you wanna do in life? Do you wanna be in any activities?" she shared with her viewers.

"Let's not jump to a life-changing decision that will never be undone… That's serious! That's really, really serious," McNeill said, careful to reiterate that she is not homophobic.

"I'm accepting of my child being gay, that's OK, but there are so many others things around that in society that is pressuring children and parents to be a certain type of way. Let's just take back the reins, okay? It's okay! We're just not gonna go there right now. Let's wait till you get a little bit older, and this is exactly what you want to do and be for the rest of your life."