Bryshere Gray, the actor who plays Hakeem Lyon on Empire, has been accused of spitting at a clerk who worked at a 7-Eleven in Orlando, but according to Bryshere - it was just a food fight!!

TMZ obtained the police bodycam footage, which shows the actor being questioned about the alleged incident inside the Orlando store last month. According to Bryshere, the guy he was with spit on the floor, and the cashier didn't like it.

She then allegedly cursed them out as she cleaned up the spit and even threw something at the men. He then told them that after she threw something at him, he picked up a bag of chips and threw them back at her before leaving the store.

However, the clerk says that it was Bryshere who spit at her and not his friend. She wants to press charges against him and says that she has the incident all on camera. The surveillance footage is being reviewed. No arrests have yet been made.