Eminem's beef with Lord Jamar shows no signs of ending as the rapper took yet another swipe at the Brand Nubian legend on his new song, "I Will."

"Got a crown of thorns, but it won't fit around the horns/But I 'ma keep it a buck like a dollar store/I'm more than you bargained for and I am far more worse/Than a 40-some bar Lord Jamar verse," Em raps on the song.

He continued: "I never was, been claiming rap when it's not yours/If it was anyone's house G Rap and Rakim a be havin' you mop floors Run-DMC would be havin' you cleanin' sinks/Yeah, your group was off the chain, but you were the weakest link."

Lord Jamar has offended Eminem several times, stating that Eminem is not a top-five rapper and that he is only a "guest" in hip hop. Em also went at Lord Jamar on his last surprise album, Kamikaze, where he told Jamar that he belongs in the culture of hip hop.