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An unreleased snippet of a song titled "What If I Was Gay?" by Joyner Lucas and Eminem has leaked online.

As the title suggests, the pair go back and forth and deliberate how the world would receive them if they were to come out as gay.

"What if I told you that I'm out of place?/ Wait, what if I told you that I was gay?" Joyner raps on the track.

The song may be surprising to some, especially as Em has been accused of being homophobic throughout his career.

"The first time I got a taste of being called anti-gay was on 'My Name Is' when I said, 'My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high / The only problem was my English teacher was a guy.' All I was saying was I don't swing that way," he told Vulture back in 2017

"So when I started getting flack for it, I thought, 'Alright, you people think I'm homophobic…' I was trying to push the buttons of people who were calling me something that I wasn't. The honest-to-God truth is that none of that matters to me: I have no issue with someone's sexuality, religion, race, none of that."

Check out the clip below.