Emily B REFUSING To Testify Against New HUSBAND Fabolous!! (BREAKING)

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Yesterday news broke that NJ authorities were indicting rapper Fabulous for four felony counts of domestic violence against his children's mother Emily B. Well, prosecutors are going to have a VERY hard time proving their case.

The charges reportedly stem from a March 7 incident when the Brooklyn rapper was accused of repeatedly punching the mother of his children in the face, which resulted in the knocking out of her two front teeth. Fab was arrested for his alleged actions by New Jersey police on March 29.

A disturbing altercation between the couple at their New Jersey home was later caught on camera on March 31, finding Fabo in a rage while brandishing a pair of scissors and firing off several threats toward Emily B and her father, who was also at the residence at the time.

MTO News has confirmed that Fabulous and Emily B are legally married, and as such she is BARRED legally from testifying against him at trial.

And according to one of Emily's friends, she is NOT cooperating with New Jersey prosecutors. Emily's friend told MTO News, "She is not cooperating with the prosecution and thinks charges against [Fabolous] should be dropped."

And without her testimony against Fab, he's likely going to go free. It's nearly impossible to prosecute a domestic violence case, without a victim's testimony. And under the law, prosecutors can NOT compel a wife to testify against her husband.

Looks like the marriage worked out great for both Emily and Fabulous. Emily finally got her ring . . . and it looks like Fab is going to stay out of prison.


Back in March, Fab's attorney described the incident captured on camera as an argument, and denied Fabolous had committed any crime.