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VIDEO: Fabolous And Emily Fighting . . . Caught On Video

Fabolous_Emily B.

On Friday, Rapper Fabolous was arrested and charged with domestic violence against his longtime gf Emily. Well now TMZ just released video showing just how crazy things got in their household.

Here is a video of a recent argument, where Fab threatens to kill Emily’s father. Fab tells him, “I got a bullet with your name on it.”

The New York rapper was trending on social media, with many calling for Black Twitter to "cancel" Fab the same way that people did Chri Brown. It is being reported that Fabolous punched Emily 7 times during the altercation which led to his arrest.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

"The fact that Fabulous punched Emily B and people are legit saying “she must’ve done something like cheated or hit him first” is really ridiculous. No one deserves to get hit by ANYONE! Period."

"Fabulous assaulted Emily and somehow y'all place the blame on Emily for it happening. Magnificent."

"Fabulous is accused of knocking out the front teeth of Emily, the mother of his children. Make a note of that for anyone who continues to work with him and the overall pattern of abusive men in the music industry never facing real consequences."

Now the world has seen Fab's other side, will Emily finally leave him for good?