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Bad news for Kanye West as a judge has approved EMI's request for their case against the rapper to be reopened.

In September, the case was "settled," but EMI has reopened the case because "unfortunately the parties have been unable to finalize the terms of the settlement agreement," per EMI's lawyers.

Kanye first sued EMI in California, claiming his contracts with the publishing company amounted to "servitude" per TMZ. But according to the label, "servitude" law doesn't apply because NY laws govern the deal and not California.

Since signing with EMI, West is now a fully-fledged Christian and has committed himself to his faith. During a recent interview with Ye, the rapper said that he is finally at peace.

"Yes, I'm at peace. I give it all up to God. Sometimes we'll sit around and start to get mad about something, or I'm about to get mad about something, or I'll scream — I had a rude spirit that I need to work on… I am just prepped to be a Christian… You take everything about my personality and you say, 'You're just prepped to be a Christian'… The thing I pray for to be more Christlike is the grace. And then as God strengthens my hand, it's to have more grace."