Eliza Reign Drags Danileigh Over 'Yellow Bone': You're A PickMesha!!

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Eliza Reign, the baby mama of rapper Future, hopped on Instagram to drag aspiring singer, Danileigh, after she released a snippet of her new track, "Yellow Bone," an ode to light-skinned women.

"Pickmesha could've kept that Lil song. I try not to speak on every Lil thing I see on the net, but for real, it's already enough division with Black people. It's 2021. Why people with platforms here telling their fans, they have preferred skin tone?" she wrote via Instagram Story.

She continued, "Certain things are expected from male rappers, but I'm shocked a woman is still doing this in 2021. Honestly, anybody that's been more in American for more than 2 hours should know that's a touchy subject, but then again, we shouldn't expect a person who isn't even Black (redbone ore chocolate) to understand how it's offensive. Redbones are lighter toned Black women by the way not Hispanic but go off mami."


Danileigh eventually publicly apologized for the track after first attempting to defend it.