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El Chapo's wife sat down with Spanish network Telemundo to defend her husband who is currently on trial in the United States.

During the interview, which has been partially translated by the New York Post, she talks candidly about the media's portrayal of her husband. Emma Coronel Aispuro has not missed a day of El Chapo's trial since it first began in November, and she is anxious for other's not believe the image portrayed of her former Cartel boss spouse.

“They don’t want to bring him down from the pedestal to make him more like he is, a normal, ordinary person,” she told Telemundo.

"That’s what he really wants,” she said. “For everyone to realize how things really are and see it all from another perspective. More than anything, I think that’s what he wants. Just tell it like it is.”

“[I want] to be calm, to be somewhere in the world where we can be at ease … I don’t dream of big things,” Aispuro said. “Tranquility, happiness, nothing out of the ordinary.”

“I am [happy] with the life that I have, of the life that I was given, of the husband that I have, of the daughters that I have, of the family that I have … I am very satisfied,” she said.

“I have also had hard times, but I have always said that God does not put things in your path that he isn’t sure you will overcome.”