Egypt Criss QUITS 'Growing Up Hip Hop'

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Egypt Criss, the daughter of rappers Treach and Pepa, has announced that she is quitting Growing Up Hip Hop.

"I respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me or makes me happy. It's time for me to rise from the ashes from being falsely represented to you, the people I love most, which is why I have decided to resign from Growing Up Hip Hop. #itsbeenreal #allgoodthingsmustcometoanend #movingforward" she captioned the post.

Her exit from the show comes after her physical altercation with cast member Briana Latrise. Latrise is not a fan of Egypt's fiance, Sam Mattick -- and much of the cast does not like him. But when the two ladies met up to speak about their issues, it was Egypt who threw the first punch, leaving fans stunned.

Several members of the show have slammed WeTV for poor editing, plying cast members with alcohol and posting only negativity.

Much of the main cast members have already walked away, including Romeo Miller and his father, Master P as well as Dame Dash.