Comedian Eddie Murphy has apologized for his old jokes, calling them "ignorant."

Murphy's iconic standup shows such as Raw and Delirious would not be acceptable in today's political correctness era. While promoting his upcoming movie, Dolemite - he said the following:

"I was a young guy processing a broken heart, you know, kind of an asshole," he said of his controversial standups which have been labeled as both homophobic and misogynistic.

Murphy is also slated to host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live!

"I now have a whole lifetime of experiences to draw upon," Murphy said. "There was a time when I was at the center of everything, what I was doing, and how funny I was and how popular… I'm not at the center. Now my kids are, and everything revolves around them."

The actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy, was one of the biggest stars of the 80s. He first gained national attention as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and his return to the show in an upcoming episode is well anticipated. 

In 1982 though, he made his big screen acting debut in the film 48hrs along side Nick Nolte. Then in 1984 he had his first leading role in Beverly Hills Cop which grossed over 230 million dollars and was the highest grossing film that year. Murphy later went on to star in other blockbuster hits and in 1986 revived his role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop II which grossed over 300 million worldwide. 

In the 1990s Murphy focused on making black films where he would later direct and star in groundbreaking films such as Coming to America and Boomerang. While these films brought in less money at the box office then his prior works, they were iconic and breakthrough films in that they were black films starring black actors who would go one to become some of Hollywood's biggest names such as Halle Berry and Samuel L. Jackson. 

Now does Eddie Murphy need apologize for his old jokes or should comedians get a free pass in the name of comedy?

Peep the trailer for Dolemite below.