Eddie Murphy Threw His DAUGHTER A Birthday Party . . . And We've Got PICS!!!

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Mel B's ex-husband Stephen Belafonte has accused Eddie Murphy of being a deadbeat father to his daughter Angel.

Well, he sure didn't look like one yesterday, when he threw his daughter a birthday party at his Beverly Hills home.

This gives more weight to the letter Angel wrote stating that she was terrified of her stepfather, Stephen Belafonte and that she enjoys spending time with her biological father and his family.

Mel B has asked Stephen to stay away from Angel as Eddie is in her life and active. If he did stay away, maybe he just couldn't stand Mel B's obnoxious ex-husband.

According to TMZ, court documents also show that " while she was with Stephen he aggressively tried to drive a wedge between her and Eddie. She says Stephen once took her phone and sent text messages to Eddie's assistant ... and whatever he texted pissed Eddie off enough to cancel a visit with Angel."

Mel B also accused him of confusing Angel with his actual biological daughter. It's great to see Angel with Eddie. She should not pay for the sins of her mother - and reading all of these reports, she should not have allowed Angel to have been around Stephen for as long as she did.