Last week, Ed Sheeran made the headlines after UK rapper Wiley put him on blast during a radio interview - and Sheeran has finally responded.

Wiley called both Drake and Sheeran "culture vultures" and "pagans" and claimed that Sheeran used grime to help his own career, before turning his back on it.

"Don't come to grime if [you're] a clout chaser and a culture vulture stay away." Wiley tweeted last week, "Anyone who uses us and our sounds are culture vultures… I'm getting my guitar and foot pedal out and I don't wanna hear nobody moaning about nothing."

But the "Shape of You" singer says Wiley has got it all wrong:

"I never said no to doing a song for you after we made You for No.5," Sheeran wrote via Instagram. 

"You wanted to release 'if I could' the same week as my debut single on a major label and I merely asked if you could move to a week before or a week after - which you did - the song came out and I'm still very proud of it."

Check out his full response below:

Since then, Wiley hopped on social media to respond: