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Ed Sheeran's royalties have reportedly been frozen after being accused of "appropriating" other people's music.

According to the Metro, documents were filed against the star at the High Court alleging that the singer, 28, is "consciously or subconsciously in the habit of appropriating the compositional skill and labour of other songwriters."

Musician Sam Chokri, 26, is currently fighting with Sheeran over the origin of the song Shape of You. Chokri alleges that Sheeran copied the chorus from his 2015 song Oh Why.

Of course, Sheeran is denying the allegations. But his royalties from the song are currently are on ice until the matter is resolved.

In another case, the British crooner is accused of stealing from TLC, Jamaican artist Shaggy and American country singer Jasmine Rae.

This comes just weeks after Katy Perry was forced to fork out over $1 million from allegedly stealing from Christian rapper, Flame. Sheeran could be forced to cough up more cash as Shape Of You was a mega hit!