Dynasty's Joan Collins Is 85 Years Old . . . And Still LOOKS GREAT!!

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Joan Collins is one of the most legendary actresses still with us. She turned 85 earlier this year, and she still looks as good as women HALF her age.

The lovely Joan is a British actress. But she really blew up when in 1981, Joan was offered a role in the second season of the then-struggling new soap opera Dynasty

Joan played the lovely and wicked Alexis Carrington. Alexis was a beautiful and vengeful ex-wife of tycoon Blake Carrington (John Forsythe). 

Her performance is generally credited as one factor in the fledgling show's subsequent rise in the Nielsen ratings to a hit rivaling Dallas.

Since then, Joan has been a household name in the United States.


Collins has been married five times, first to Northern Irish actor Maxwell Reed, whom she married on May 24  1952 after he allegedly raped her,and divorced in 1956. 

She had an affair with actor Harry Belafonte during the filming of Island in the Sun. In 1959, Collins met 22-year-old actor Warren Beatty and became engaged in the early-1960s, but his infidelity led to their split. Collins revealed in her 1978 autobiography that she got pregnant by Beatty but had an abortion. 

She then married actor and singer-songwriter Anthony Newley in 1963 and American businessman and manager Ron Kass in 1972; she has two children, Tara and Sacha, with Newley and her third, Katyana, with Kass. 

Collins' marriage to Kass ended in divorce in 1983. On November 3, 1985, Collins married Swedish singer Peter Holm in a ceremony in Las Vegas. They were divorced in August 1987. She married her fifth husband Percy Gibson (born 1965) on 17 February 2002 at Claridge's Hotel in London.