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People on Twitter this morning are discussing whether Dwyane Wade's daughter Zaya could join her school's girl's basketball team.

The buzz started when a rumor, purportedly coming from an alleged student at 12-year-old Zaya's school, suggested that Zaya may be considering it.

Zaya's brother Zaire is one of the star players on the Sierra Canyon School's basketball team. And Zaya's dad Dwyane Wade is one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history.

Clearly Zaya has basketball genes, but up until now, she's showed little interest in her father's favorite sport.

A person claiming to be a girl who attends Zaya's prestigious school , suggested that Zaya may be recruited to join the Girl's Basketball team. The girl suggested on Twitter that Zaya may be asked to join the Girl's Basketball Team. The school's girls basketball team recently lost it's final game of the season.

There's no evidence that the Tweeter's statements are true, but that hasn't stopped people from talking. 

It is completely legal under existing California law for Zaya to join the girls basketball team. Under the California Education Code, transgender athletes are allowed to compete based solely on their gender identity, and not on their gender assigned at birth.