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Dwyane Wade's 11 year old son came out as gay earlier this year. Now he's showing just how GAY he really is - as Zion was seen rocking a trendy manicure style yesterday.

The boy had on long pointy acrylic nails, and were painted white. Zion also wore what looks like a belly shirt.

Most of the comments on the Wade family photo were positive. But some fans of Dwyane and Gabby Union were concerned that the grammar school boy may be doing too much, too soon.


5th grader Zion proudly attended his first Pride Festival in Miami Beach earlier this year as well- with his stepmother, Gabrielle Union, and his 17-year-old brother, Zaire.

While the former Miami Heat baller was not able to attend the event due to his schedule, he very vocally expressed his support for his son and his presence at the parade on social media.

"Zion had his own cheering section today. Wish I was there to see you smile kid," Dwyane captioned a photo of his son and their family. “We support each other with pride. It’s a family thing."

Back in October, Dwayne Wade shared a photo of Union, their daughter, Kaavia, and Wade’s son, Zion (from a previous relationship) on social media with the words "My girls” followed by two heart emojis.

Some Twitter users weighed in on Wade’s choice of gender noun — referring to his son as a girl after a Twitter user named @madiithedoll posed the question: “What y’all think about this?”

As can be expected, much anti-LGTBQ+ chatter ensued.

But the “Being Mary Jane” actress, who boasts 4.15 million followers, offered a quick comeback.

"Looks like love to me, she responded. "I truly hope that everyone gets the love, support and hugs they deserve. Also, Kaav ain't with the dumb s***. Peace & Blessings good people."