Dwyane Wade's Child 'Zaya' Transitions To Female - Gets Weave & Dresses!

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Dwyane Wade announced last year that his youngest child, Zaya, was transitioning from a male to a female. But at the time Zaya had not made many cosmetic changes to her appearance that most would regard as "female." Now that's changed. 

In the past, Zaya (formerly Zion) often opted to wear gender-neutral clothing, like pantsuits. Now she's wearing skirts and dresses.

She's also recently changed her hair from short natural to long cornrow braids with extensions.

See the above for a video of Zaya's new look.

Zaya's father, Dwyane Wade, is a Hall of Fame basketball player, who won multiple championships with the NBA's Miami Heat. He's also a devout Christian and chose the number 3 throughout most of his basketball career because it represents the Holy Trinity. He also tithes 10% of his salary to a church in Chicago. 

Her grandmother, Jolinda, is also a Christian and strengthened her ties to Christianity in 2001 after years of drug problems. She served as a minister during her final prison sentence in 2002 and 2003. She was ordained as a Baptist minister in January 2007 and formed the non-denominational Temple of Praise Binding and Loosing Ministry in Chicago. 

And although Zaya hails from a deeply Christian family, they appear to be progressive, modern, and supportive of Zaya's choices.