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Dwayne Wade's baby mama just fired shots at his wife, and new mom actress Gabrielle Union.

Gabrielle and Dwyane recently welcomed their daughter Kaavia into the world. The couple used a surrogate for Kaavia, and have openly talked about it.

Well Dwyane also has a son, Xavier, which is with his former side chick Aja Metoyor (from Basketball Wives). Xavier was conceived while Dwyane was dating his now wife Gabrielle.

Aja and Gabrielle don't like each other, as you can imagine. And yesterday, Aja made this shady post on Instagram, that was clearly was directed at Gabrielle - who never physically gave birth:

Gabrielle told Oprah Winfrey, in a recent interview, that she was hurt by the people that were making fun of her, for using a surrogate.

“I think for me the most hurtful thing was once we had the baby, and everyone started talking about why is she in the bed holding the baby, why does she have a gown on, why is she acting that she just had a baby,” Gabrielle told Oprah when she asked him about the backlash.

Shortly after Kaavia was born, the couple was photographed holding her and wearing hospital gowns. Union shared these photos on Instagram, and many women publicly criticized her for wearing a hospital gown even though she didn’t give birth.

Here's Aja: