Former Black Ink Crew star, Dutchess Lattimore has appeared to have ditched her trademark locs and is now showing off her new curls.

Although she hasn't posted an image onto her Instagram feed, she has shown them off via her Instagram stories.


But did Dutchess get rid of the dreads for good, or is this just a clever new wig. Fans aired their feelings on the matter:

"I hope this is a wig man 😡😡😡her dreads made her period she better not be walking around with Rick James curly perm for the rest of her life looking like pinky off of Friday 😂😂😂"

"Those dreads are still there lol"

"It’s a no for me sis!"

"Foolish. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Should’ve kept the dreads."

"Looking like a female Rick James..🤣😂"

"Is it a quick weave ?"

Are you feeling Dutchess' new style? Do you think she got rid of her locs or is she all weaved up?

Let us know.