Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is reportedly "proud" of her work with Vogue, even though she was criticized every step of the way by the UK media.

Markle cannot sneeze without coming under fire for disrespecting British traditions, but according to a source close to Markle, she's feeling good about her stint as guest-editor for the magazine.

“This is an incredibly proud moment for her and she isn’t letting the backlash get to her. It helps that Prince Harry is behind her a hundred percent. He thinks she did a brilliant job and he’s been very vocal about it. Meghan’s passionate commitment to making real positive change in the world is one of the reasons she and Harry connect so well, they’re both about making change," the insider told HollywoodLife.

Since announcing her relationship with Prince Harry, the media has been quick to paint her as a "diva" often using words such as "difficult" and "disagreeable" when penning articles about the Black monarch.

“The issues Meghan covered in Vogue — the environment, mental health issues, body positivity — these are subjects that are rarely, if ever, covered by fashion magazines. But Meghan fought for her vision and she brought it to life. She put her heart and soul into it and as much as she does wish everyone understood what she was trying to do she’s well aware that you can never please everyone, that’s simply a fact of life.”

We think she did a great job!