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JAY Z Beat Up By DRUNK Fans .  . During Concert . .. Beyonce Watches On!! (VIDEO)


Jay Z was attacked last night, in front of his wife on stage in Atlanta, MTO News confirmed. Jay was performing in front of a packed crowd, when a fan jumped on stage and attacked him.

The entire incident was caught on video, and shared on social media.

Jay Z and Beyonce were just finishing up, when a fan - a Caucasian man who appeared to be drunk - jumped on stage walked over to Jay Z and TWO PIECED HIM in front of Beyonce.

According to reports, the fan just walked up and PUNCHED JAY IN THE FACE. Beyonce was standing right there, but it does not appear that she was hurt.

Jay Z was not seriously injured, but the disrespectful fan may be. As the video shows, Jay Z's security, and all of Beyonce's dancers jumped in and STOMPED THE MAN OUT.


Here is a video showing the fan take  the stage, and attack Jay Z:

Here is a video clearly showing the aftermath: