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Drug Traffickers GO VIRAL ON TIKTOK . . . Livestream 'GUN' Party!!

One of the most popular TikTok accounts is run by a group of Brazilian men who label themselves as "drug traffickers," MTO News has learned.

Drug Traffickers GO VIRAL ON TIKTOK . . . Livestream 'GUN' Party!!

And the TikTok traffickers are quickly becoming one of the most popular influencers on the platform.

The two men post videos showing guns, money, and beautiful ladies in very suggestive clothing.

But this weekend, they decided to do something different. The men posted a mash of videos taken from their "party" weekend.

The video starts out with the two men pulling up at the party in an SUV, which has the roof cut out and a machine gun stand on it.

Once inside, the men listened as a popular rapper gave a concert for the traffickers and their friends, MTO News confirmed.

And as the rappers performed, the traffickers fired their guns (some of which are fully automatic) into the air.

No one was hurt or killed during the event.