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Drug Suspect Offered Plea Deal To Name Breonna Taylor As Part Of 'Organized Crime Syndicate'

Jamarcus Glover was actually the man who the police were looking for the night of Breonna Taylor's shooting -- and he was reportedly offered a plea bargain in July to say that Taylor was a member of his "organized crime syndicate."

Glover was asked to acknowledge that over a period of time through April 22, he and several "co-defendants," including Taylor, engaged in organized crime by trafficking large amounts of drugs "into the Louisville community," according to WDRB.

Scott Barton, Glover's defense attorney, said he received several plea offers from prosecutors. 

The state's Attorney Tom Wine offered a statement, saying, "Mr. Glover implicated Ms. Taylor in his criminal activity.

"When I was advised of the discussions, out of respect for Ms. Taylor, I directed that Ms. Breonna Taylor's name be removed. The final plea sheet provided to Mr. Glover's counsel is attached and clearly does not include Ms. Taylor as a co-defendant," he said. 

Louisville police officers shot Taylor several times in her own home while executing a search warrant. No evidence of drugs or any illegal activity was found in her home.