Drug Mule Records Her Final Moments . . . After Cocaine Pellet EXPLODES Inside Her!! (R.I.P.)

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A Brazilian woman accused of being a drug mule recorded a farewell video on LIVE -  before dying after cocaine capsule burst in her stomach in Portugal hotel room

The woman realized that the pellets she was carrying in her stomach filled with cocaine EXPLODED. She knew that was a likely DEATH sentence, so she took to social media  and recorded a harrowing goodbye video to her parents.

European police claim that Dayse Ricarte was acting as a drug mule. She allegedly agreed to smuggle 71 grams of cocaine to Europe in return for around $4,000.

The autopsy into her death revealed that of the dozens of pellets she ingested, one ruptured and caused a fatal overdose.

She told her friend in the distressing video: “I think I’m going to die, my friend. Oh Lord, help me. My friend, talk to my mum and tell her I love her and my dad. I’m not going to make it. God help me.”

Ricarte, a mother to an 11-year-old boy, sent a picture of the hotel’s business card so that she could get help, but moments later, she was found dead in the hotel room.

According to insiders close to the investigation, Ms. Ricarte flew from Belo Horizonte in southeast Brazil on July 8 and was found dead at dawn the following day in the Sao Pedro Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

After arriving at the hotel, the 28-year-old sent he below video

The friend who spoke to her revealed that she had also spoken to her boyfriend in Brazil. She said she ‘talked to Dayse for about two hours until she gave her last breath and fell back.’